We want to welcome you to Peters!
After working in the health industry for many years, both of us decided it was time to follow our hearts and dreams. We met working together at Perth Home Hardware 28 years ago, and have loved to spend our days together since.
With a passion for cooking and baking , owning Peters was the perfect place for us. Our main passion is our customers. We aim to make a positive impact on everyone that comes to Peters, to make everone feel asthough it is ‘their place’.
We have the most incredible team, all with the same mindset, to make our guests feel like family, treat everyone with kindness and serve them delicious, homemade, heartwarming food.
We have been fortunate to be able to have our children involved with Peters as well, family is super important to us.
Thank you for dinning with us!!
Chelsea & Mitch Fowler

1 Comments on “Heart of Perth – Our story”

  1. Can’t wait until the restaurant opens up again, missing my #1 table… haha …

    and missing your staff, always friendly


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